Romney Ryan editorial cartoon and Top 10 GOP Presidential Ticket jokes

This set of Romney Ryan cartoon and jokes about the Republican 2012 U.S. Presidential Ticket comes with a square money-back guarantee*. If this page doesn’t make you laugh out loud to the point where your neighbors and political opponents start having conniptions, we’ll promise you the full square of the free price you paid to see it.
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“Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, in order to secure the more conservative elements of the Republican party, and to keep anyone moderately liberal as far away as possible.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Romney Ryan 2012 GOP Presidential Ticket jokes”
10. Romney Ryan 2012 – The power of squares squared.
9. As soon as Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate pick, twitter lit up with questions such as “Paul Who?” and “Minnesota’s head cheese goes national.”
8. Barack Obama and Joe Biden can’t wait to face off against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Election Day in November, because finally the circle will be squared.
7. Haiku: Romney and Ryan. The Republican ticket. Laugh now. Cry later.
6. America’s pastime is a great sport for the 2012 GOP Romney Ryan ticket to appear at for photo-ops, because just like the two candidates, the baseball diamond is square.
5. Obama and Biden vs. Romney and Ryan. It’s the match-up of one big spender ticket against another.
4. Regardless of your view of their politics, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are definitely capable of putting the square pegs in the square holes.
3. Obama and Romney are about as far apart politically as Biden and Ryan are close metaphysically.
2. The 2012 Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates love the wild, adventurous, liberated and colorful ways of democracy, as long as it’s all Conservative.
… and the #1 Republican 2012 Presidential Ticket joke is:
1. Romney Ryan 2012 – Something funny this way runs.
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