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Gilad Shalit Palestinian prisoner swap political cartoon and Top 10 prisoner exchange jokes

“Gilad Shalit is free, and Israel’s Prison systems will have 1,027 fewer Palestinian prisoners to guard. It’s the Army’s turn again.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Prisoner exchange jokes”
10. Communications: A prisoner talks with another prisoner.
9. Education: Prisoners don’t want to leave prison only to return to a life of poverty and misery, so they apply to academic exchange programs in nice, foreign countries. 
8. Haiku: Gilad Shalit: Free. A man of the people, home. Happy holidays.
7. Economy: You don’t fix an economy with a prisoner exchange. You fix an economy with a currency exchange.
6. Politics: Prisoner exchanges are all political, and politics is all about votes. So why don’t political prisoners get to vote?
5. Iambic Pentameter: Prisoner exchanges are popular, because they let folks start a new chapter.
4. Science: Four out of five dentists recommend prisoner exchanges for better oral hygiene. 
3. Statistics: Despite the high probability of recidivism, prisoner exchanges are favored by compassionate people, for the possibility of a higher rate of reformed, submissive, domesticated people to re-enter society peacefully, and in a contributing manner. For example, anyone who does not understand this clear statement.
2. Zen: The prisoner exchange you seek, is only achieved by letting go of what you want.
… and the #1 Prisoner exchange joke  is:
1. Proverbial: A prisoner exchange makes for happy homes, and emptier prisons.
Reference: Yasha Harari for