Laughzilla cartoon and top 10 Creativity jokes

“Creativity is a double edged sword which is totally useless if it’s dull and rusty.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Creativity jokes”
10. Creativity is the bi-product of necessity, the mother of invention.
9. Creation is rebellion. Creationism is folly.
8. Every creative act was borne out of thought. Every non-creative act was borne out of an imagination drought.
7. Creativity doesn’t pay the bills, unless it’s a way of printing money.
6. Creativity may not help you butter your bread better, and it won’t leave you in an intellectual jam.
5. The zen master may not be creative, but he may be recreative.
4. A priest, an imam and a rabbi walk into an painter’s studio, when their ideologies are creatively brushed aside.
3. A blonde asked another blonde to help her with a creative writing essay, to which the second replies “If you want to be creative, then first imagine you’re a brunette.”
2. The point of creativity is not to come up with a constant stream of garbage, but to distribute that garbage as much as possible.
… and the #1 Creativity joke is:
1. When in doubt, make it up.
Reference: Yasha Harari for