Microsoft vs. Open Source cartoon and Top 10 OS jokes

“Open Source software operates in a multiverse, where everything is possible and everyone is welcome to do their own thing. Microsoft operates in a top-down, dogmatic, Flat Earth digital Universe, where as far as they are concerned, everything revolves around them, and everything else is considered unenlightened and sinful.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 OS jokes”
10. If at first you don’t succeed at installing your OS, try, try again. If it keeps failing on you, ask yourself why you bought that Microsoft product.
9. Microsoft’s logo is its name, in a boring, squarish font. Open Source OSes have cute, curvy, friendly logos.  Which would you rather spend time with?
8. An OS by any other name, would be as complicated to develop. 
7. Digital Genesis: In the Beginning, Man created closed Operating Systems, and it was Good, but it came at a terrible price. Later, He created Open Source, and it was Better, plus it was free.
6. If the Church of Microsoft wanted to convert free thinking Open Source OS developers, then they would not rely on marketing their obsolete, dogmatic wares instead of making better products.
5. If Microsoft is organized religion, then Open Source is Atheism and Apple is Agnosticism, because they use an Open Source OS in a closed top-down way.
4. The Who said “Never trust anyone over thirty”. The Open Source OS Developer said “Never trust anyone over-invested in a closed OS”.
3. Closed Operating Systems do not weather the constant storms of change. Open Source OSes are a form of change. 
2. Microsoft, like dinosaurs, were once the most powerful entities on Earth. Dinosaurs are extinct. Open Source OSes started out small, and are built for successful adaptation over time. Which would you rather be?
… and the #1 OS joke is:
1. A blonde, a drunk and an alien walk up to a bar, but it’s a Microsoft bar, so it’s closed. leaving our three characters with nothing to do but have fun together and develop their own network of free, open source bars.
Reference: Yasha Harari for