Thank you, Ms. South Carolina 2007
“I believe that all the Internet memes should be Internet memes in our country, in France, and in their neighbor, Afghanistan.” — Mme. Meme


“Top 10 Internet Meme jokes”
10. The Internet Meme is dead. Long live the Internet Meme.
9. The AnonyMouse that Rar’d.
8. Classical Covers. If it’s public domain, it’s been p0wn3d.
7. Chuck Norris. He killed all Internet memes with just by tying his shoelaces.
6. Kittens. On the Internet, you can meme cute things — but don’t maim cute things.
5. Glam Parody. The 1970s were never so great as they are in the retro 70’s Disco era memes.
4. Wit. The briefer the meme, the bigger the fame.
3. MizsPellyngs. If you can’t spell correctly, you were born to Meme in dorky “elite” speak. I never did quite figure out what’s so elite about being an incompetent speller.
2. Meme is Lame. Internet memes are so Q2 2011. If you’re not over it by Labor day, you may be committing trendy fashionable coolicide.
… and the #1 Internet Meme joke is:
1.  Edit > Copy > Paste > Publish. That’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I Meme it.
Reference: Yasha Harari for