The American Jobs Act Political cartoon and Top 10 American Jobs Act Political Theater jokes

“The American Jobs Act is so entertaining, the President is bringing it with him on a nationwide sales tour.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 American Jobs Act Political Theater jokes”
10. The American Jobs Act – Coming Soon … to a Political Theater Near You.
9. Reading The American Jobs Act May Be Hazardous To Your Health.
8. Passing the American Jobs Act may be Hazardous To Your Economy.
7. Stay Calm And Carry On Ignoring The Details of the American Jobs Act.
6. Giving a stump speech, President Obama waved around a copy of the American Jobs Act. Held together by a Bull Clip, the poor thing didn’t even get a glossy shiny folder. Times are tough, even for haphazard legislative bills.
5. If the American Jobs Act were employed by the U.S. Government, it would be put to use as a janitorial service, used to clean up the mess of the previous economic stimulus and bailout bills. 
4. Pity the American Jobs Act. The best chance it has at ever becoming law, is if the House Republicans forget why they were sent to Washington, and they’re enjoying their Tea Party too much to do that.
3. Economists point to the utter failure of previous economic stimulus and recent bailout bills as sufficient reason to pass the American Jobs Act bill into law.
2. Three Words: No More Bailouts.
… and the #1 American Jobs Act Political Theater joke is:
1. If you don’t like the American Jobs Act … you’ll really hate the conclusion … the American Jobless Act.
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