Where the Mars Things Are cartoon and Top 10 Curiosity jokes

“It’s no coincidence that Ray Bradbury departed his mortal coil a short time before the NASA Curiosity landed on Mars. His soul wanted to be on the Red Planet with so many past Martian chroniclers for the receiving party.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Curiosity jokes”
10. If Curiosity killed that cat, does that mean there are more cats on Mars, or did NASA’s latest misadventure just cause the extinction of a rare Martian species?
9. R&D: Maurice Sendak knew that Where The Wild Things Are was a great story that crossed boundaries and touched the lives of millions of children, thanks to curiosity, which he researched and developed with the passion of a child in the puissance of a grown-up.
8. Government Tech: A special computer had to be developed for the NASA Curiosity rover to Mars. For one thing, it had to keep working after a severe speed-of-gravity crash, and it has to stay up and running no matter who sits in the Oval Office.
7. Economy: Maybe America can’t bail out Greece or the Euro, but it can send a slow, off-road vehicle, tricked out with cameras and sensors and scientific research equipment, on a hunch that the sci-fi fantasists were right.
6. QA: The NASA Mars Mission scientists are studying, with great curiosity, the effect of depositing metal and plastic telecom devices into an environment of Marslings.
5. Four words: Curiosity killed the doubt.
4. Haiku: Curiosity. It went to Mars to find stuff. And there’s your haiku.
3. Space Exploration Science: Many of the amazing geeks and nerds of NASA’s Curiosity mission to Mars are avid fans of comic illustration, and they may have sent you or your loved one’s name to the Red Planet, but why didn’t they include a copy of all known man-made Mars cartoons for the locals to enjoy?
2. Accounting: The NASA Curiosity Mission design team wanted to outsource the comfort and style of the rover to the team from Pimp My Ride, but the cost estimate was out of this world.
… and the #1 Curiosity joke is:
1. Curiosity isn’t the only thing, and it isn’t winning. But rarely can you find either of the latter without the former.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.