Francois Hollande editorial cartoon and Top 10 French Presidential jokes

“Following the elections of May 2012, the happiest people in France were the immigrant who supported Francois Hollande, and could not yet vote for him.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 French Presidential jokes”
10. Nicolas Sarkozy lost his re-election campaign to the Socialist upstart Francois Hollande, which just goes to show that being an incumbent is no form of invincibility, even if your wife is a supermodel.
9. Once the French elected Francois Hollande, a Socialist who promised to spend the country further into debt, as the President, domestic wine sales shot up, because no one could imagine being entirely sober for the next five years.
8. The French Elections: At least they didn’t elect Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The bill for his chamber-maids are also so exorbitant.
7. Extreme right wing leader Marie Le Pen may well have caused President Sarkozy to lose his bid for re-election, but you can’t blame her for his inability to once again seduce the voters with the same old lines he used to win Lady France the first go-around.
6. It really doesn’t matter what party is in power. The President of France is to compassion for the common citizen, as the President of Syria is to reality. Disconnected, and hanging on until the next change of power.
5. On his first official visit to the Queen of England, French President-elect Hollande could not bring his life partner, because they are not married in a traditional sense, and the Queen only has the sense to meet with traditionally married couples. Think of all the gay couple fights she causes.
4. Francois Hollande was the first Socialist President of France to be elected since Francois Mitterand. Frankly, this bodes well for any future Socialist candidate named Francois, Francis, Frances, Francette, or Franco.
3. It’s not easy being the President of France. After all, you have to kiss the Chancellor of Germany and pretend to like it.
2. French Presidents are a lot like sidekicks on late night television talk shows. You can count on them to agree with whatever the star sitting next to them is saying.
… and the #1 French Presidential joke is:
1. Francois Hollande may not be your favorite President of France. He may not be as exotic and ostentatious as President Sarkozy, but at least he maintains an impeccable form of boring, which is really the most common trait amongst executives.
Reference: Yasha Harari for