Other Words for Egypt’s Latest Military Coup Political Cartoon and Top Ten Alternative Names for a Coup jokes

Mubarak. Morsy. Who’s next on the Nile’s political chopping block? — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Alt Names for a Coup jokes”
10. Changeover carbines : A handover without the diplomatic hugs and kisses of a typical peaceful process.
9. Unfashionable Farewell Party : the new form of Street Justice in and around Tahrir Square.
8. Rumble at the Presidential Palace : Supporting and executing the will of the people.
7. The realization that something critical must change, even if it goes against the very nature of the thing that drove extreme change nigh-on two and a half years before.
6. Haiku: Whatever you do, if you want more U.S. Aid, don’t call it a coup.
5. Respecting the Groundswell of the People’s Political Tremors : Another name for the bread and circus that is p0wn3d by the Egyptian military.
4. Unconventional shifting of Conventional politics : The language used by linguists who languish in the land of laws which are enforced by the very army that makes and breaks them.
3. Right makes might, except when might is used to remove someone from office that some emotional and angry portion of the population doesn’t like, and they’re backed by an American-funded army.
2. Realignment of the subtleties of the Sphynx : Because even though the tip of the monument was broken in a dramatic, bombastic way, it still represents a country and a culture rich with subtext and primal urges.
… and the #1 Alternative Name for a Coup is:
1. Three Words: Inverse Political Pyramid.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.