Syrian Civil War political cartoon and Top Ten Dogs of War jokes

The dogs of war will negotiate any deal that lets them fight for more contracts in the Syrian civil war. Unfortunately, those dogs are angry, vicious, without leashes or muzzles, and they’re running rampant through the kindergarten playground. And the worst bit is, they look and sound just like politicians. — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Dogs of War jokes”
10. Aggression: The dogs of war are not separated by mutts and pure breeds. They are categorized from cute to lethal.
9. Tyranny: In the land of Dyslexia, resistance to tyrants is obedience to Dog.
8. Rebellion: When the sword of rebellion is drawn, the dogs of war have a hard time holding the pens.
7. Revenge: Proof that the dogs of war are not responsible for the Syrian Civil War : canines are not into revenge. That’s simply too sneaky and cat-like.
6. Haiku: Gotta feed the dogs. Money, weapons and the fog. That’s what the war eats.
5. Instinct: You may have noticed that there are not so many dogs of war in the Syrian civil war. That’s because they have the good sense not to stick around in a country where the people’s culture generally doesn’t like dogs.
4. Conventions: The rules of war exist not to keep its combatants within red lines, but rather to measure how far beyond those red lines the violators make their mark.
3. Power: Knowledge is power, and most dogs can’t be bothered to fight over that.
2. Weaponry: War would be a lot less dangerous if it really was fought by the dogs of war. Seriously, how much damage can be caused by growls, snarls, barks, teeth and claws?
… and the #1 Dogs of War joke is:
1. Three Words: Cats of Peace.
Reference: Yasha Harari for