Brain Share #OWS Capitalism book title editorial cartoon and Top 10 Occupy Words  jokes

“If you lack sympathy for fat cat Wall Street executives who carve up the world for profit, then you’re one of the cold, heartless 99% that fails to understand the economic hardships of the wealthiest 1%.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 #OccupyWords jokes”
10. #OccupySocialMedia – Friend, Follow, Circle – You Aren’t Steve Urkle.
9. #OccupyKitchens – People Are Calmer On Full Stomachs.
8. #OccupyInternet – How SPAM Killed Email as the Killer App.
7. #OccupyNature – Destroying Beauty.
6. #OccupySpace – Destroying the Universe, one Galaxy at a time.
5. #OccupyHaiku-IfYouCanMakeItForTwo-ThatWouldBeGoodToo – Yes We Can make it. If hope and change will take it, we will not break it.
4. #OccupyShelfspace – The Super Stories of Super Stores.
3. #OccupyTime – Tick Tock Watch the Clock. Did you remember to secure the lock?
2. #OccupyOccupations – DIY Bailout – Just Like The Government.
… and the #1 OccupyWords joke  is:
1. #OccupyGenius – This Group Is By Invitation Only and includes these different thinkers: Steve Jobs. Albert Einstein. Jim Henson. Mozart. Groucho Marx declined to accept.
Reference: Yasha Harari for