Polar Bear editorial cartoon and Top 10 South Pole jokes

“It’s perfectly legal for #OWS supporters to protest for greater freedom and social justice in Antarctica, and there are no cops there to remove any squatter tents.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 South Pole jokes”
10. #OccupyAntarctica – Now that #OccupyWallStreet protest sites are being dismantled by force, the Occupy Wall Street protesters plan to Occupy Antarctica because 100% of the true and magnectic Poles are controlled by just 4 Poles, and none of them is even Polish by birth.
9. Government – Q: Why does the South Pole Propaganda Ministry have a hard time getting its side of the story covered by the media? A: You can’t pay for airtime with fish.
8. Survivor – In the fight for Survival of the Fittest, many animals by the South Pole are forced off the Island of Antarctica because they did not get the seal of approval to stay on.
7. Ski Resort – Why are there no popular ski resorts at the South Pole? No one believes you can do winter ski in a desert.
6. Blonde – Q: Why do dumb blondes love running around in bikinis at the South Pole? A: They aren’t affected by brain freeze.
5. Bar Joke – A seal, a penguin and a polar bear go into a South Pole bar, and the bartender serves them their drinks on ice.
4. Philosophical – What do vegetarian Polar Bears eat at the South Pole?
3. Nightly – In the South Pole, it’s always darkest before Spring.
2. Snap – Stop telling me I’m being too protective of my penguin egg!
… and the #1 South Pole joke  is:
1. Diss – You would be so much cooler if you were in the South Pole.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.