#OccupySleep editorial cartoon and Top 10 Occupy Sleep jokes

“If the 99% decided to Occupy Sleep, would there be any dreams left for the top 1%?” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 #OccupySleep jokes”
10. #OccupyDreams – If we all occupy dreams together, then we can all sleep our way into the top 1%.
9. #OccupyNightmares – It’s the easiest way for 99% of the people to get rid of the top 1% of nightmares.
8. #OccupyDaydreaming – Because paying attention the other 99% of the time isn’t fun.
7. #OccupySleepwalking – Because the top 1% of sleepwalkers can do things you wouldn’t believe, in their sleep.
6. #OccupyVisions – Because the top 1% of psychotropic users control over half the visions.
5. #OccupyLightSleep – Because being alert and staying sharp is the way the top 1% achieve their dreams.
4. #OccupyHeavySleep – It’s very tiring to protest day and night for months on end, so you won’t notice the noisy city sounds.
3. #OccupyNap – Sometimes half asleep is better than your other options.
2. #OccupyCatNap – Because the top 1% of cats p0wn half the naps from the other 99%.
… and the #1 Occupy Sleep joke  is:
1. #OccupySleep – Because the other 99% deserve more sleep.
Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.