Apple Steve Jobs editorial cartoon and Top 10 iPunchline jokes

“Steve Jobs announced his retirement and immediately his company’s stock tumbled 5% in market value, which just goes to show the cult of personality problem at the core of Apple.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 iResign jokes”
10. iQuit – Interesting Question Until It’s True.
9. iResign – I Ran Everything So I Go Now.
8. iRetire – It’s Really Entertaining To Inspire Radical Expectations. 
7. iGo – I Got Out.
6. iLeave – I’m Leaving Everyone All Very Emotional.
5. iPack – I Prized Apple Computers Knowhow.
4. iExit – In Every X Intelligence Triumphs.
3. iLogout – I Love Old Geek Outfits Under Turtlenecks.
2. iLogoff – In Leaving Our Guy Opened Friendly Fire.
… and the #1 iResign joke is:
1. iBoot – I Beat Out Old Technology.
Reference: Yasha Harari for