Israel Palestine car ‘toon caricature and Top 10 Palestinian statehood jokes

“By receiving non-state observer status in the United Nations General Assembly, the Palestinians proved that the world body loves a pyrrhic victory.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Palestinian statehood jokes”
10. Ever since becoming a non-member-state observer at the UN, some Palestinians have been bragging how Palestine is now equal to Vatican City in its global power, which basically means from now on, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will mostly communicate to his supporters by talking from his office balcony.
9. Haiku: Palestine is not yet a state in any sense, except a bad one.
8. President Obama is disappointed that his political ally, French President Francois Hollande, supported the vote to recognize Palestine as a non-state member at the UN General Assembly, mostly because the vote means now the Palestinians have that much less to complain about.
7. Three words: Hamas versus PLO.
6. Many Right-wing Israelis have been kvetching about giving the Palestinians a state, because who would they have left to fight with once the war ends?
5. Israel and the United States, the two staunchest opponents of the meaningless diplomatic feud at the United Nations General Assembly which recognized Palestine as a non state member observer, are mostly disappointed that Palestine is not considered a full member state, because it’s harder for the Palestinians be judiciously expedited away until Palestine is a normally recognized country.
4. People, culture, borders, currency. Without those four elements, there is no state of Palestine. And they certainly don’t have any currency, unless you can count home made missiles as an export economy.
3. Hamas controls Gaza. The PLO controls the West Bank. The Israeli government is quietly chuckling in the background at the State of Palestine.
2. Nobody is more fearful of a Palestinian State being born than true hard-core, liberal, left-wing, self-hating Israelis, because they realize just how quickly Palestine would disappear once they become a state and attack Israel.
… and the #1 Palestinian statehood joke is:
1. There has never been, nor is there now, a State of Palestine. What there was, and there is, is a bunch of tribal feuds over a mostly useless piece of real estate, and the land they want most, which isn’t even theirs to contest, contains one small and priceless commodity: Israelis.
Reference: Yasha Harari for