Gadaffi political cartoon and Top 10 Libyan Civil War jokes

“Gadaffi is a man of his word, when it comes to colorful clothes, crazy quotes, and setting Libya on fire.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Libyan Civil War jokes”
10. Gadaffi is down, but not out, because in Libya, he still has support from those who want his little Green bills.
9. The Arab Spring of 2011 – Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya. That’s four acts already … Syria is therefore not worried.
8. Gadhafi may be playing hide and seek with the rebel forces of the TNC and NATO, or he may be dictating his last rites to the voices in his hairdo. 
7. If the United Nations really wanted to oust Gadhaffy from power, then they would not have left the job up to a rag-tag bunch of incompetents also known as NATO.
6. Muammar Kahdafi may not be a name that rolls off the tongue, but if he’s in a fight to the death against the TNC rebels, he may be a meme that rolls off the gun.
5. Al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the Pan Am 103 flight that exploded over Lockerbie, may be a hero to the Gadaffi regime, but during the final days of that Libyan Government all he wanted to be was Anonymous.
4. It’s hard to tell the difference between rebels and loyalists of the Libyan Civil War, mostly because they all eat the same foods and fire off celebratory gunfire when they lose battles.
3. In Libya, nothing says Free Love like a Civil War ended by the Death of the Muammar of all Dictators.
2. Qadaffi remains in control of all of Libya … in his head.
… and the #1 Libyan Civil War joke is:
1. You may think Muammar Gadhaffi may be holding on to power longer than he should, but then you’re not the one about to lose that wacky wardrobe and ninja-powered female bodyguards.
Reference: Yasha Harari for