Backhoe cartoon and Top 10 Backhoe Internet jokes

“A backhoe needs Internet access like a scuba diver needs wings.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Backhoe Internet jokes”
10. A backhoe can do things that the Internet can not. For example, stabilize itself, dig a ditch, move the earth, and lift itself up. Plus, it can go backwards.
9. On the Internet, you don’t measure your carbon footprint by how wide your tire tread is or how much diesel your tractor is burning.
8. You can operate a backhoe and an Internet service under the influence of Country and Western music, but it’s hard. 
7. Internet traffic is carried on a Backbone. Earth is carried on a Backhoe. Which do you think is stronger?
6. Your smartphone lets you do amazing things that a Backhoe can not do. For instance, on your smartphone you can browse the web and look at pictures of backhoes.
5. The Internet might be good for the economy, but you can’t eat email. A backhoe can do farm work that feeds people even in hard times.
4. You don’t need WiFi, 3G, or a modem to use a backhoe.
3. The Internet can’t roll down a road pulling a wagon full of hay down Main Street for the annual Farmers Parade.
2. If Internet geeks engineered the backhoe, it would always be under development, always be subject to random chaos, and always need maintenance updates. Plus it would mostly just dig up an endless supply of boobs.
… and the #1 Backhoe Internet joke is:
1. Post the wrong photos in your facebook profile and people will think you’re a backhoe.
Reference: Yasha Harari for