Super Committee editorial cartoon and Top 10 Occupy Spending Cuts jokes


“It’s a bird. It’s a Meme. It’s … #OccupySpendingCuts interfering with the U.S. Congress’ Super Committee responsible for cutting trillions of dollars over a ten year period, which is a lot like eating the whole cake, leaving one bite, and thinking you’re doing well with your diet.” — Yasha Harari


“Top 10 Occupy Spending Cuts jokes”
10. You can’t occupy spending cuts, if you occupy Pizza Huts.
9. #OWS wants smaller government and spending cuts, along with larger benefits for the 99% and higher investment-stopping taxes for the job creators in the top 1%. Sure, and who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it, too?
8. The Tea Party wants the other 99% to migrate from #OccupyWallStreet to their movement, because their average member finally realized they share the dream of government spending cuts, and that just watching Conservative news channels doesn’t actually put them in the top 1%.
7. For Thanksgiving this year, #OccupySpendingCuts is serving turkey meals for the top 1% of #OWS leaders, and tofu turkey for the other 99%.
6.  #OccupySpendingCuts is demanding smaller government budgets, and is not presenting a list of suggested cuts, because that would favor the top 1% who would make more money as a result of those cuts.
5. The Koch Brothers are reportedly looking for a way to trademark #OccupySpendingCuts in order to p0wn some liberal media space while simultaneously driving their smaller government, lower taxes agenda.
4. Wall Street Bankers in the top 1% would actually support the 99% agenda of Occupy Wall Street if the protesters would appeal to the fat cats’ desire for less government waste, and cheaper Nutri-Bean Paste.
3. No one in the U.S. Congress wants to occupy spending cuts. They’d rather gouge the treasure of the nation like little King Tuts.
2. Can a protest movement that wants to occupy spending cuts make a difference if it spends its time occupying everything other than the big bloated government?
… and the #1 #OccupySpendingCuts joke  is:
1. #OccupySpendingCuts – To reach the unreachable dream.
Reference: Yasha Harari for