Top 1% #OccupyLogic editorial cartoon and Top 10 Occupy Logic  jokes

“Logically, the wealthiest 1% observe, if the 99% of Occupy Wall Street protesters are in the top 1% of worldwide income earners, why are they so unhappy?” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 #OccupyLogic jokes”
10. #OccupyReason – Because faith has worked so well until now.
9. #OccupySociety – Because the 99% want their fair share of socialite celebrity.
8. #OccupySocialMedia – Because enriching hi-tech companies by shouting online will obviously solve the great class divide.
7. #OccupyPower – Because 99% of all power comes from the electric company, and nobody loves them except for their employees and shareholders.
6. #OccupyMoney – Because the U.S. Mint loves chaos and people who take their paper products and spread it around equitably.
5. #Occupy99Percent – Because the 99% of #OccupyWallStreet protesters are technically in the top 1% worldwide of income earners, and nothing says fun like protesting against yourself.
4. #OccupyWealth – Because the 99% can’t do much worse than the current top 1%.
3. #OccupyOffshore – Because living off of Social Security and still earning more than the hard-working natives on some tax-shelter island is so much more fun than working an average job in America.
2. #OccupyDebt – It’s how super economies are built (to FAIL).
… and the #1 Occupy Logic joke  is:
1. #OccupyEconomics – Because you can just assume that you can print as much money as you like, just like the government, and fat cat Wall Street bankers.
Reference: Yasha Harari for