Wikileaks Assange Ecuador guest time cartoon and Top 10 Ecuadorian hospitality jokes

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“Julian Assange thinks he can get away with his pending legal problems by holing up in the embassy of Ecuador. What he fails to grasp is that even they will sell him out eventually, which is ironic, since the price they’ll accept for such a political deal was first published on Wikileaks.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Assange Ecuador hospitality jokes”
10. Do you really think Julian Assange would be holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy avoiding America’s long arm of the law, if Che Gueverra were President?
9. Vladimir Putin successfully shifted the media focus hocus pocus from Pussy Riot to Julian Assange, by twisting the story of an angry punky girl band shouting political truthiness about the Russian President, into the story of an angry funky girly man spewing political secrets about everyone else.
8. Haiku: Julian Assange. His first name starts off with Ass. No wonder he’s mad.
7. Do you really think Julian Assange would get to hide in the embassy of Ecuador in London for so long, if Ronald Reagan were President?
6. Three words: Resistance is futile.
5. Many American military veterans want to see Julian Assange extracted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and tried for his unauthorized release of so many secrets, because to them, trying the founder of Wikileaks that will justify all the death, destruction, loss and years of the War on Terror.
4. Do you think that Julian Assange being hosted by the embassy of Ecuador would have been more in the headlines this Summer, if the 2012 Olympic Games had not been held in London?
3. The women who accuse Julian Assange of rape want to see that little man tried for his actions, because of justice, and the scoop they’ll get featured in on Wikileaks after he’s extracted from the Ecuadorian embassy in London and forced to resign as head of the secrets spilling site.
2. The bankers behind the LIBOR scandal – or Liborgate as it is commonly called – actually drew attention to Julian Assange hiding out in the Embassy of Ecuador this week. Once they realized that they would have to face the music for their crimes, they did what came naturally to them: They rigged the game in their favor. Now if only they could figure out a disappearing trick.
… and the #1 Assange Ecuadorian hospitality joke is:
1. The government of Ecuador has granted Julian Assange political asylum, because it’s the best Third World PR anyone has created since the Borat movie, and this will finally grant the Latin American country an authorized entry in Wikipedia.
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