US Consumer Happiness cartoon and top 10 Labor Day Blues jokes

“It’s Labor Day Weekend … for those who still have jobs, anyway.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Labor Day Blues jokes”
10. For everyone unemployed this 2011 Labor Day Weekend … the latest U.S. unemployment report means you can keep telling yourself your joblessness is not your fault. Until those precious 99 weeks run out.
9. Memo left by temporary workers at businesses across America on Labor Day 2011: “While You Were Out … the economy tanked. Good luck.” 
8. If everyone in America jumped off a two foot stool at the same time, it might cause a Tsunami in China, and it still would not fix the US economy.
7. Officially, not a single new job was created in the U.S. in August 2011. So if you were unemployed and then got a job that month, you’re officially still unemployed.  
6. An economics student asks his professor, “Why does Happiness drop as Unemployment rises?” to which the professor replies “People hate having free time”.
5. Analysts believe the reason Americans are not rioting in the streets demanding the economy be fixed on Labor Day 2011, is because they’re too fat, thanks to junk food and addiction to reality TV and the Web.
4. Labor Day 2011. U.S. Unemployment is above 9%, and underemployment is far above that. Aren’t you glad you still have a job to complain about?
3. It’s Labor Day, 2011. If you thought a college degree would help you get a good job, then you really should reconsider real estate investments.
2. Labor Day, 2011. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, … aren’t they just doing a great job of managing the United States economy? 
… and the #1 Labor Day Blues joke is:
1.  It’s 2011. This Labor Day, when you’re BBQing burgers and grillin’ weiners, try not to think of that pitiful former Democratic Congressman from New York.
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