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Amy Lee Editorial Caricature and Top Ten Evanescence jokes

Someone asked me draw Amy Lee. I said I wasn’t familiar with Sara’s sister. — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Amy Lee and Evanescence jokes”
10. Observational: The reason people love Evanescence apparently has to do with how great their music is. Not.
9. Critical: It’s not that I don’t like Amy Lee, I’m sure she’s a lovely person. It’s just, on a professional level, Evanescence sucks.
8. Iambic Evanescencer: This is the start of a lyrical rhyme that just fizzles out.
7. Haiku: Amy Lee can sing. Some folks say that, anyway. Not me. I don’t know.
6. Downloading: Download rates are to Evanescence as what views are to SnapChat.
5. Angst: The critical missing ingredient to the Evanescence formula.
4. Depth: A certain quality not maintained by the band known as Evanescence. 
3. Musical: You know Evanescence is not a great musical band, or else they would made Amy Lee a backup dancer rather than the lead singer.
2. Three Words: See David Cross.
… and the #1 Evanescence joke is:
1. Q & A: Q: Why does the band Evanescence exist? A: To disappear.
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Note: Nothing evanescent was harmed or intentionally evaporated during the production of these jokes. However, some temporary things that evaporate quickly tend to hang around longer than they should, and therefore they may have been dampened or otherwise condensed for editorial purposes. Any similarity between the pop metal music band Evanescence and their lead singer Amy Lee is purely intentional, and entirely meant to denigrate their public personna.