Laughzilla cartoon and top 10 Cartoonist jokes

“Cartoonists draw on references for inspiration, which can be a problem if they are drawing on someone.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Cartoonist jokes”
10. You can cartoon looters, but don’t loot cartoonists unless you have a good punchline.
9. Drawing is not as hard as it looks. Drawing is as hard as it takes to make it look the way it does.
8. Comic-Con (tr.v.): To swindle (a victim) by first winning his or her confidence with Comics; dupe with character, color and cartoonery.
7. If your dreams have a floating hand holding a pencil that draws and erases what you see, you might be an  cartoonist.
6. A cartoonist hits on a beautiful young lady, and gets rejected after he promised to show her all his best lines and collection of used rubbers.
5. If you prefer to stay at your desk and draw a field with trees and some funny characters, rather than go outside to see a field with trees with some funny characters, you might be a cartoonist.
4. If something smells fishy in Denmark, be glad you don’t draw cartoons on scratch ‘n sniff paper.
3. If your art requires no more skills than that of a fifth grader, you might be a cartoonist.
2. A hot blonde young woman walks into a bar and the cartoonist forgets to make her say “Ow!”
… and the #1 Cartoonist joke is:
1. It takes just one cartoonist to change a lightbulb, unless it has to be erased, drawn and inked.
Reference: Yasha Harari for