Assad Welcomes Death in Syria cartoon and Top 10 Syrian Assad jokes

“Bashar Assad is loved by the people of Syria about as much as the Black Plague.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Syrian Assad jokes”
10. “Syrians are having another day of peaceful rallies to support their beloved President, Bashar Assad.” This is the fairy tale Syrian parents do not tell their children anymore.
9. Bashar Assad may have another many thousands more people to kill before he matches his father’s record, but according to family tradition, that doesn’t mean he should stop practicing.
8. Death visited Syria in March 2011, and stayed on a 1 year visa, renewable by the continued slaughter of innocent civilians.
7. Syrians consider their fearsome leader to be far more foolish than his dad was. After all, he made them give up any notions of freedom in just a few days time.
6. Syrians have a term for the international pressure being applied to stop Bashar Assad from killing thousands more demonstrators against his brutal regime. They call it, Bull Puckey.
5. Wealthy Syrians rug merchants believe that if America wanted to, they could force Assad to stop his brutality, if only the rug market was as important as the oil and gas pipelines still under Assad’s control.
4. The People of Syria want to welcome you to their country, if you come with any sort of ability to help topple the Assad regime.
3. In Syria, young children are now being taught to hate Bashar Assad even more than they hate Israelis.
2. The Syrians have a message for Mahmoud Ahmedinajad’s support of Bashar Assad’s mass murderous ways: You’re Next.
… and the #1 Syrian Assad joke is:
1. When Syrians want to laugh, they think of all the fireworks displays they are forcing the Assad regime to put on, in order to take care of their demands.
Reference: Yasha Harari for