Syrian Cease Fire editorial cartoon and Top 10 Annan Assad jokes

“The cease fire deadline is in effect in Syria, and for the first several hours, there was a noticeable drop in Syrian armed forces attacking unarmed civilians. Apparently the government troops wanted to clean their weapons before reloading them.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Annan Assad jokes”
10. US State Department officials are closely monitoring the situation in Syria following the deadline of Kofi Annan’s UN 6 Point Peace Plan in Bashar Assad’s embattled country. In other words, staffers in the basement of Foggy Bottom are spending hours every day watching YouTube.
9. Kofi Annan’s fragile peace plan for Syria held during the first hours, despite the tension and suspicion on both sides, and you can probably know how much each quiet hour costs the UN if you follow the money.
8. Despite the UN-backed cease fire in Syria holding in its first hours, Syrian forces did not withdraw from areas required by the cease fire plan. In Assad’s view, silencing the guns is withdrawal, since he owns the entire country.
7. US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) visited Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and called for action against Syria, because he thinks that just like Libya, it’s the right thing to do. Plus, he’s still upset about losing to Barack Obama.
6. The UN has admitted that the Six Point Pleace Plan for Syria was originally hacked up by a covert group of computer programmers calling themselves Annanymous.
5. Haiku: It’s a cease fire. Assad is killing fewer. Only ‘light’ bloodshed.
4. How long do you think the Cease Fire will hold in Syria once the anti-government protesters march on the Presidential Palace in Damascus?
3. If the Cease Fire in Syria holds for the long-term, you can thank Kofi Annan for doing something useful, finally, and if it fails, you can blame him for failing once again.
2. President Obama is hoping that the Cease Fire will hold in Syria, because he wants stability in the Alawite dictatorship, at least until it’s no longer politically useful.
… and the #1 Annan Assad joke is:
1. Kofi Annan was heard mumbling to himself, “… but my plan had SIX points.”
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