King Willem Alexander caricature and Top Ten Royal Dutch jokes

Holland’s new king Willem Alexander is so modest, his wife’s crown is only worth millions of euros. — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Royal Dutch jokes”
10. All The King’s Men: Couldn’t put “Pils” back together again after he became the ruling monarch of Holland.
9. Intelligence: The habit of keeping old, antiquated traditions like royalty in Europe is one more proof of a lack of intelligent life on Earth.
8. Celebration: On Queen Day, Beatrix abdicated, and King Willem Alexander ascended the throne, and just about everyone wore orange. If that isn’t a reason to party, then you obviously are not in Amsterdam.
7. Populism: The House of Orange is so popular in part because of their policy of staying out of politics, their liberal culture, and their fun color palette.
6. Haiku: Princess Beatrix. King Willem Alexander. Dutch royals go on.
5. Power: The monarchy in Holland is mostly symbolic, except that they still control the House of Orange cultural celebrations on April 30.
4. Democracy: Will April 30 (Queen Day) now be referred to as King Day in the Netherlands? Either way, it’s an iconoclastic symbol of a bygone era that is out of synch with democratic values, which is what makes it a perfect balancing stone in the nation known for water, flowers and fun.
3. Wealth: Of course the royal House of Orange is wealthy. Just look at how understated their monarchs dress when they formally exchange power. And as we all know, less is more.
2. Informality: King Willem Alexander said at his coronation that he would not expect to be called “His Majesty” and would be fine however people chose to refer to him. He then quaffed a Pilsner, puffed a magic cigarette, and watched The Big Lebowski again.
… and the #1 Royal Dutch joke is:
1. Three Words: Willem. Dude. King.
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