Liborgate scandal cartoon and Top 10 LIBOR jokes

The following Liborgate scandal cartoon and jokes about the Libor financial corruption crisis is disseminated with a waiver, a disclaimer, terms and conditions*. You are jacking up the interest rate of this joke with at least three unsuspecting consumers, or else be fined a rate of interest commensurate to usury in a dark pinstripe suit.

“The Liborgate scandal is just a cover for the trillions of dollars the banks are laundering for a much more prevalent threat to national security than Iran: Unsuspecting bank customers.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Liborgate jokes”
10. Do you think the Liborgate scandal would have erupted as badly as it has, if Bashar Assad and his British wife ran the LIBOR?
9. Spanning four decades, political history went from Watergate to Liborgate and the people stayed hooked, with great interest.
8. The London Intra-Bank Offering Rate is so fixed, it’s broken.
7. Haiku: Liborgate bankers. They laugh out loud while we pay, for their dirty crimes.
6. If you want to cut down on the number of corrupt bankers getting taken out of the game, don’t make guns illegal. Make banks illegal.
5. Three words: Liborgate Out Loud.
4. Deutsche Bank is the latest bank to admit to wrongdoing in the Liborgate financial scandal. How else could they ship all those parts from Siemens Nuclear Technology to Tehran.
3. Banks don’t rig the LIBOR. Bankers do.
2. The banking executives responsible for the Liborgate scandal, are worried that Julian Assange won’t last long enough to distract the market’s attention from the dirty secrets of international finance about to leak.
… and the #1 Libor jokes is:
1. Liborgate is what you get when people borrow and bankers steal.
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