Not the Mickey Mouse Club (UK, US & Libya) political cartoon and Top 10 Top Secret Libya jokes

” Following Gadaffi’s outster from power by popular revolution, documents were found proving his cooperation with the CIA and MI-6, in which the Western agencies received help in rendition (torture) of al-Qaeda terrorists in exchange for keeping his wardrobe current.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 Top Secret Libya jokes”
10. When US President George W. Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed to develop top secret partnerships with Gadafy’s Libya to help in the War on Terror, they knew they had made the right choice because they based their analysis on the same geniuses who stated emphatically that Saddam Hussein had massive stockpiles of WMDs.
9. Obviously there were business interests backing the Top Secret relations between Tripoli, London and Washington during the 2004 – 2011 period. What better place was there at the time to torture terrorists and get great oil and gas deals?
8. The most telling sign that there were Top Secret relations between Washington, London and Tripoli during the War on Terror’s first decade, were the volume of leaks that proved it over and over aagin. 
7. The most embarrassing thing about the top secret cooperation between Western Intelligence agencies and Kadhafi’s Libya, is that despite all the money he was paid for cooperation, he refused to wear common suits, or even streamline his wardrobe.
6. The most obvious way to know that George Bush’s White House had Top Secret deals with Libya to torture al-Qaeda suspects, was to realize that at the time, America’s Vice President was Dick Cheney.
5. Top Secret documents found in Tripoli after the revolution of 2011 revealed that the former Brother Leader’s son, Saif Gadaffi, was protected the the CIA and MI6 while he was living in London, England, around 2004. The documents are being examined to determine more vital elements, such as which exclusive high street fashion shops he frequented most often to buy his outlandish father crazy haute-couture designs. 
4. The revelation that MI6 and the CIA secretly collaborated with Gadaffi’s security and intelligence agencies was no real surprise to the conspiracy theorists who are always right about every theory they propose, especially the UFO stuff.
3. The Top Secret relations between the UK, the US and Libya during the 2004 – 2011 period angered many people when they were revealed … especially one country that felt left out of the exclusive party: The French.
2. ULU – the initials of the US-Libya-UK top secret security relations those nations engaged in from 2004 until 2011, and the first three letters of ululate.
… and the #1 Top Secret Libya is:
1. The unplanned release of Top Secret documents proving the US and UK cooperation with Libya’s intelligence agencies, put many people at risk of exposure — especially the rendition prisoners who had not seen sunlight in nearly a decade.
Reference: Yasha Harari for