The State of the U.S. Economy.

“World markets are falling following the American economy being downgraded by Standard and Poor’s credit rating, and looters are setting London ablaze in riots. This sure is a fine time to be in Tahiti.” — Yasha Harari
“Top 10 US Economy Credit Downgrade jokes”
10. America is hurting economically from their credit downgrade, and the proof is that all the other AAA rated countries are crashing at the news.
9. The 2011 credit downgrade.of the U.S. credit rating was as unpredictable as knowing that running into a wall will hurt.
8. The American Economy – Shredded and in free fall. Surely it’s nothing to worry about, unless you’re dragging down the ‘chute.
7. Fiscal discipline and hard work is the only way to fix the US Economy, and both of those things are anathema to the 150 Million Americans who don’t know what anathema means.
6. S&P downgraded the US bond rating and the markets, including their own index, lost a lot of points. How much money did S&P make on the news?
5. Summer 2011 will be remembered for the fires of Hell burning in Tottenham, Croydon, London, and the fires of financial folly burning on Wall Street.
4. War, disaster, riots, market crashes … what is it about August?
3. The US Economy got hit by a truck, and then the truck backed up over it and parked on the remains.
2. President Obama keeps saying how important social media is, but the truth is, social media may make mobs, but it hasn’t yet fixed the economy.
… and the #1 US Economy Credit Downgrade joke is:
1. Watching hyperbolic markets rise and crash is fun when it’s making you rich.
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