Happy Thanksgiving, from The Daily Dose Cartoons and Jokes

“It is, of course, only natural that Thanksgiving, aka: Turkey Day, is part of the American National Political Discourse, as a Healing Process to Presidential Elections. That’s because in general, every four years, while roughly half of Americans are celebrating that their flightless fowl took over the Bald Eagle’s nest, the other half are feeling a little bitter that they’re feeling all carved up inside, despite the fact that their turkey did not get picked.”
— Yasha Harari

“Top Three Turkey Elect jokes about Thanksgiving 2016”

3) Three words: “President-Elect Trump.”

2) Haiku:
President Elect
Trump’s Thanksgiving wishes are
Eat White and Dark meat.

… and the #1 joke about the 2016 Thanksgiving holiday is …

1) It takes a village … of 2 Million Americans, to feel like the most popular loser of the year.

Source: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose.

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