How Assad Accepts the 6 Point UN Plan editorial cartoon and Top 10 Syrian Dictator jokes

“President Assad took the UN 6 Point Plan in stride, as would any dictator, by saying one thing, and killing another.” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Syrian Dictator jokes”
10. President Assad accepted the UN 6 point plan, with their paper in one hand, and a gun in the other.
9. Haiku: Assad Accepts Plan. The UN is dubious. More Syrians die.
8. Tourism: Visit Syrla, and get a free funeral.
7. Eco-conscious: The Syrian dictator believes that Syria’s environment will be helped by burying all those extra organic human nutrient units into the ground.
6. Suits: You might not be dressed as sharply as Asma Assad’s husband, but if you’re a Syrian protestor, you might get shot by one of the Syrian dictator’s soldiers wearing camouflage.
5. Flags: Syria’s flag in 2012: It’s a plain white cloth, normally used to indicate surrender, only it’s dyed blood red.
4. Slogan: Syria. Home of the Assad regime, and cemetery of his subjects.
3. Medicine: Bashar Assad is upset that the EU has cut off access to the necessary medicines his Asma requires from overseas, namely, her European bank accounts.
2. Economy: Bashar Assad believes that killing all those protestors is the sure-fire way to reduce unemployment and raise the per capita income in Syria.
… and the #1 Syrian Dictator joke is:
1. The Syrian dictator allowed the UN to visit the war-torn regions of his country, but was very angry that his snipers were unable to hit the NGO’s diplomats.
Reference: Yasha Harari for