Groundhog day editorial cartoon and Top 10 Occupy Shadows jokes

“If Punxatawney Phil never saw his own shadow, would you miss long winters?” — Yasha Harari

“Top 10 Occupy Shadows jokes”
10. When you’re in the voting booth in November, ask yourself: WWPPD? What Would Punxatawney Phil Do?
9. Haiku: Groundhog day is here. Will Phil see his own shadow? Winter could be long.
8. Occupy Wall Street protestors love protesting Groundhog Day, because it represents the top 1% of fat rodents who Occupy Shadows, controlling over half the remaining days of Winter.
7. The Grand Prognosticator of Punxatawney, PA isn’t a political pollster, because the shadow of politics would leave Phil in a permanent winter.
6. #ows organizers have decided that ahead of the next Anonymous attack on some unsuspecting secured communications system, they will do as Punxatawney Phil does and go underground where they can #OccupyShadows.
5. The stock market loves groundhog day because it’s easier to bet on what the rodent will do than it is to occupy shadows and try to profit from being Anonymous.
4. Puxatawney Phil decided to #OccupyShadows in 2012 to show solidarity with the shadowy occupiers who don’t like that the other 99% of groundhogs get none of the limelight.
3. Because of the explosion of Punxatawney Phil copycats, a union is forming to Occupy Shadows with regulated oversight.
2. Punxatawney Phil’s little cousin in the Occupy Shadows movement is AnonyMouse .
… and the #1 #OccupyShadows joke  is:
1. Groundhog or not, you can’t occupy shadows if you’re never in the light.
Reference: Yasha Harari for