God particle editorial cartoon and Top 10 God particle jokes

“CERN may have discovered the God particle as reported in December, 2011, but when it comes to explaining it to people who aren’t particle physicists, the Devil is in the details.” — Yasha Harari

Top 10 God particle jokes

10. In order to discover proof of the God particle, physicists at CERN had to accelerate sub-atomic particles beyond the speed of light. That’s almost as fast as the current global rate of debt growth.

9. Google doesn’t own the God particle, but they will soon offer a free application that kills off any possible business venture around it, outside of their own.

8. The European Community is in crisis. There are riots and economic meltdowns in all their major capitols, and even the God Particle research team at CERN that can transmit mattter faster than the speed of light, can’t create a solution fast enough.

7. If you believe in the God particle, does that make you religious about science?

6. Do you know any Atheists who thank God for proof of the God particle?

5. Since prehistoric times, Mankind has searched for the God particle, and by that I mean Gold.

4. Is anyone really surprised to learn that there are Quarks in the God particle?

3. Why do Atheists at CERN refer to their discovery as the God particle and not some non-diestic name?

2. If a God particle falls in a forest and no one is around to observe it, does it still make a sound if it’s traveling faster than 186,000 mph?

… and the #1 God particle joke is:

1. God Particle Products and Services – We make everything.

Reference: Yasha Harari for TheDailyDose.com.