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:^) Wednesday, February 24, 2010 {Vol. 14, # 086} (^8  

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(: Funny Figure Skating Fall, Starring Sasha Cohen. :D

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Lucky for her the judges liked her costume.
Olympic Failure - 
Vancouver 2010

Funny Quote:
"Any artistic event that is subjectively judged in part by the accompanying music and style, is not a sport. Of course in the Winter Olympics, they overlook that due to the revenues Figure Skating and Ice Dancing generate from all those bored spouses who would otherwise not watch the Games at all." ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"The Artsy Fartsy Athletic Non-Sports of the Winter Olympic Games"

There are some great athletes who compete in the Winter Olympic Games even though they do not actually perform an objectively measurable sport. Namely, Figure Skating, Ice Dancing, Halfpipe Snowboarding, and other forms of aesthetic movement on ice and snow. Since they do get judged -- at least in part -- on the music selection they make to accompany their performance, shouldn't the winning music and musicians also be given Gold Medals?

Q: What does the Ice Rink EMT say to the recovering fallaholic figure skater?
A: Do you want Ice for that?

The only Amateur thing left in the Olympic Games is the lie of the "purity of the Games" the International Olympic Committee offers up in its public relations scam, to win tax breaks and financial incentives from the host nations.

A: Porn.
Q: What alternative career can over-the-hill ice skaters always fall back on?

Reference: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose

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