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:^) Tuesday, January 26, 2010 {Vol. 14, # 069} (^8  

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energy revolution with real life.
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(: Funny Physics Professor at Cal Tech :D

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Enstein, A. Mazed in Physics!
Albert Einstein maze by Y. Frimer

Funny Quote:
"We know that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. What's the speed of dark?" ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"Top Ten Funny Physics Phrases"

10) Moore's Law is for Sissies.

9) Neutrinos have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic.

8) Your chance of solving the common cold is worse than breaking through the maximum velocity of the unknown.

7) The definition of "electron" is: What the US did in 1980 and 1984.

6) Physics is science plus comedy.

5) For lunch, the nuclear physicist had Fission chips.

4) When electrons lose their energy, they get Bohr'ed.

3) The Physics chicken crossed the road because it was attracted to a chicken on the other side of the road.

2) Don't believe in math and science. Solve it.

And the #1 Funny Physics Phrase is ...

1) The person who collects the tickets on a maglev train is called a superconductor.

Reference: Bobby Pascagoulli and Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose

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