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:^) Saturday, March 20, 2010 {Vol. 14, # 099} (^8  
8^) Spring is Nigh! Equinox for all of us! Happy National Corn Dog Day! (^:  
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(^8 The Daily Dose Funny Video Clip! :^D
(: The Corn Dog Song ... Yeeeeeehhaaaaaawww! :D

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Forget Spring! March Madness is in Full Swing! Get Your Snacks Ready!
Got Corn Dogs?

Funny One Liner:
"Some scientists are fascinated by the Spring Equinox. I find it more amazing to understand America's love of Corn Dogs." ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"Top 10 Alternative Uses for Corn Dogs"

10) Squeese the oil out, convert it to biodiesel and power the lights in your Trailer.

9) Feed starving nations with the unsold inventory.

8) Power your chainsaw and hedgetrimmer.

7) Have the military trade some of them for Afghanistan's illegal opiate crop. Pax Americorndog!

6) Power your quad, trike, and other off-road recreational vehicle.

5) Use them to hook rednecks and hillbillies!

4) Use the oil to lower your home heating oil bill.

3) Make them with soybean or tofu dogs as a heart-healthier veggie treat.

2) Use them as currency in most Bible Belt State Fairs.

... and the #1 Alternative Use for Corn Dogs is:

1) *** Censored *** .

Reference: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose

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"Tiger Woods reportedly added about $70 Million to the pre-nup with his wife Elin, for playing a few too many holes." ~ Laughzilla

"Tony Clifton and Don Rickles would like to thank you for your attention to this bit ... except you're too stupid to understand that they're just kidding." ~ Yasha Harari

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