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:^) Monday, March 22, 2010 {Vol. 14, # 101} (^8  
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(^8 The Daily Dose Funny Video Clip! :^D
(: American Reaction to the U.S. Health Care Reform! :D

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Laughzilla's Last Link! (Now Up Front!)
Healthcare Reform Passed! Feeling Sick already? No problem. WAIT IN LINE!
Welcome to 
Government Healthcare!

Funny One Liner:
"Wait in line. You saw how it worked for the Soviets. They're gone. Now it will do the same to you, America." ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"Top 10 Porkbarrels and shady political deals of Healthcare Reform"

10) Pelosi's Power Play.

9) Gatorade.

8) Stupak's Two FAQs.

7) The Big Pharmaceutical Funnel.

6) Student Loans.

5) Obama's Overbearing Overhaul.

4) The Backroom Boogy.

3) The Louisiana Purchase.

2) The Elitists' Arrogance Shuffle.

... and the #1 Porkbarrel of Healthcare Reform is:

1) The Federal Government gets to tax Americans Trillions of Dollars and wait years before they dish out the first dime of benefits.

Reference: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose

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"How fortuitous that the failed Christmas Day Bomber, Mr. Abdulmutallab, was stopped by none other than a flying Dutch man and filmmaker, Jasper Schuringa. What comes around goes around. Mr. Van Gogh, of Mohammed cartoon fame, is avenged." ~ Yasha Harari

"A rat done bit my sister Nell, with Whitey on the Moon" ~ Gil Scott Heron

Keep on laughing! 8^D It's good for you. Really. Well it can't be worse for you than bad healthcare. :)

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