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:^) Friday, January 1, 2010 {Vol. 14, # 050} (^8  
:^) Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! (^8  

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It's 2010. Got your SAL 9000 or Apple IIc yet?!

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Happy New Decade!
2010 and a Team of Monkeys takes a whack at hammering

Funny Quote:
"Well, it's 2010. Apparently, the year we make contact, in case your monolith or tin foil hat hasn't worked yet. " ~ Yasha Harari

The Daily Dose Joke:
"Top Ten reasons 2010 beats 2009"

10. It's got a natural +1 advantage.

9. Arthur C. Clarke never published a book called 2009.

8. Your jet packs and hover cars are available in more colors this year.

7. America and the Soviet Union are not going to launch a nuclear war at each other this year.

6. We don't have to negotiate with al-Qaida about exploring space.

5. Every Top Ten list this year can be a written as a Top 2010 list, but then you really have to have a lot to list.

4. Anything created or released in 2010 can be Roman-dated MMX. Good thing we don't still use that old technology.

3. The Zhu-Zhu fad can finally fizzle out in 2010.

2. The odds are increasing that we'll see Sarah Palin and Harry Reid get into a low-down dirty street fight, Western-style.

... and the #1 reason 2010 beats 2009

1. From this year on, you only need your one personal digital device to do everything for you! And it just might be your old Apple IIc.

Reference: Yasha Harari for The Daily Dose

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