After launching a version of its iPad presentation app on the Web, Haiku Deck is returning to its mobile roots with a new app just for the iPhone.

As before, the idea is to give anyone the ability to create and present professional, well-designed slideshows for free. The new iPhone app focuses on the latter, giving users a simple means of reviewing and playing their presentations. In addition, it has a remote control mode that lets you control the delivery of your slideshow and refer to notes while you’re up on stage.

haiku2 Haiku Deck for iPhone lets you deliver presentations created with its iPad and Web apps

Finally, Haiku Deck also has two gallery modes if you’re lacking inspiration or want some pointers on how to improve your next presentation.

The inability to create or edit presentations with the iPhone app is disappointing, although Haiku Deck says this will be available in the near future. If you’re on Android, however, you’ll have to make do with the Web app for now. “Over time, we’ll look at additional platforms that fit with the needs of our audience,” a spokesperson said. That sounds promising, at least.

Note: The iPhone app will land in the App Store later today. If it’s not there already, we expect it’ll show up shortly.

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