seedcamp 520x245 7 startups to watch from Seedcamp Londons first Investor Day of 2014

The last time we caught up with Seedcamp, the organization made a record investment in 11 of the 18 teams presenting, the first time it had accepted more people onto the programme than had been rejected.

This time around, there were 20 teams presenting to an audience of 140 or so investors – and in a teasing break from the norm, the winners won’t be announced until next week.

As you tend to find at these events, the teams ran the gamut in terms of their areas of focus – from Bitcoin and digital currency startups to ‘the Netflix for indie films’, to a device that gives bragging rights to skateboarders.

So, without further ado – our favorites from the day, in no particular order.

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Formisimo 7 startups to watch from Seedcamp Londons first Investor Day of 2014

Formisimo is a Manchester-based company that we’ve come across before that has the goal of ensuring customers don’t drop out of purchases online because of excessive form-filling.

According to the company, two-thirds of people who start a checkout process online don’t actually complete it. This is where Formisimo steps in to track and analyze exactly what visitors do with online forms, and ultimately identify why they fail to complete them. Doing this, obviously, means the businesses can make changes that will make them more likely to complete the purchases and generate more revenue. Easy.

The company says that it has just wrapped up its period of beta testing (running since May last year) and now has around 580 users, which have seen an average increase of 76 percent in conversion rates from a customer starting an online form to checking out.

Formisimo has already attracted the attention of UK household brands like Asda and and claims to offer a far more detailed reporting and analytics platform than its rivals as they tend to focus on delivering a whole suite of software, of which online form analytics is only a small part.

The service is available on a free (limited) basis and has paid-for packages ranging from £20 per month up to £400+ per month.

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