Hi all. Jeff here. Sorry, not an Excel post, but a warning to steer clear of email invitations from people you know to join something called ‘Twoo’. If you get an email saying “Joe Bloggs left a message for you”, then burn it. I foolishly didn’t, and clicked the link from an excel contact, Joe Bloggs…despite thinking aloud “Why the heck doesn’t Joe Bloggs just email my gmail account direct”. I then foolishly gave this service access to my gmail contacts, and next thing I know it spammed a whole bunch of my contacts (including some other email addresses I use) saying that “Jeff has sent you a message via Twoo”

Makes my blood boil…both their gall and my stupidity.

Read more at http://techcrunch.com/2013/08/03/a-year-of-spam-twoo/

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